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'Music Of The Spheres': Classical Musician Biopics

Do you instinctively turn off pop stations with a haughty grimace? Then our list of classical musician biopics and experience some proper soundtracks, from the likes of Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven!

'Movies Like A Beautiful Mind': Disturbed Genius Dramas

Dramas in the vein of 'A Beautiful Mind' and 'Good Will Hunting': detailing the lives of geniuses whose gift is also their curse. Will make you grateful you're just a run of the mill idiot! Make sure to check out 'Pi' for a great psychological thriller!

Oscar Best Picture Nominees 80s

The decade that brought you 'Raging Bull', 'Raiders of the Lost Ark, and 'Rain Man'. Check out these and more with this comprehensive list of the 1980s Oscar best-picture nominees.