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Adam Sandler Movies

This collection contains all things Sandler: from the touching drama 'Reign Over Me', to classic goof-fest 'Billy Madison'. So no matter what mood you're in you're bound to find something that fits. Except 'Jack and Jill'. Trust us, there's no mood for that.

'Movies Like Bad Grandpa': 'Awful Role Models' Comedy Movies

Movies in the vein of 'School of Rock': featuring less than adequately equipped, typically uncertified adults placed in positions of authority over groups of children. Well, that makes it sound a bit grimmer than it is. Of course they all have hearts of gold really!

'Movies like Life as We Know It': 'Stuck With a Kid' Comedies

Imagine '16 and Pregnant', but funny, and with more celebrities! These movies find irresponsible adults (usually swinging bachelors) suddenly stuck with kids. Warning: more changes of heart than a cardiac transplant ward.