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'Don't Be Embarassed': CGI Adults Love

You have a filing cabinet, a midsize sedan, and six pairs of slacks: to the outside world you are a verified adult - so why is it your first choice for movie night is always a Pixar? Who knows. Just watch.

'Indians in the Cupboard': Toys Coming to Life Mayhem

Don't try to tell us you never walked out of your room and sprinted back in to try to catch your toys moving as a kid. These films capture the magic you were never quite quick enough to observe yourself.

'Movies Like The Incredibles': CGI Hall-of-Famers

Here it is folks - the definitive list of all the greatest kids films created using CGI, without a doubt containing some of the most beloved films of our generation.

'Movies Like Toy Story': Best 90s Kids Movies

The 90s witnessed the 1995 gamebreaker 'Toy Story' as well as Disney's renaissance with the 'Lion King', 'Pocahontas', and 'Aladdin'. Enjoy the very best of this pivotal decade with our collection of the best 90s kids movies out there.

Disney Pixar Movies

From the very beginning with Toy Story, to the latest cutting edge family, CGI treats - Enjoy our selection of Disney/Pixar collaborations.

Tim Allen Family Flicks

Tim Allen made a name for himself in film by portraying hapless father figures, forced to cope with Christmas catastrophes, poorly socialized children, and life after being magically transformed into a sheep-dog. And he thought Jill's nagging was bad!