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'Movies Like Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice': Raunchy Swinging Flicks

From 'Bob & Carol' to 'Swinging With The Finkels', these couple-swapping swinger flicks will have you looking at your best friends' wives in a whole new light. Just make sure they don't catch you!

'Movies Like Cafe Society': Woody Allen, The Twilight RomComs

Here we are, in the twilight years of Woody Allen's career; long gone are the days of 'Annie Hall' and 'Manhattan', acting troupes have been reshuffled, daughters have been married - nothing is at it was. Such is life.

Non-Equilateral Love Triangles

We're not even sure what kind of screwed up shape these love triangles are - isoceles? That was the really ugly one right? In any event, these heavy dramas follow various combinations of man-woman-man/ woman-man-woman trying to figure it all out.

Woody Allen Romance

If you haven't seen Allen's 1977 classic 'Annie Hall' you simply don't understand the heights the RomCom genre can reach. In fact, view this as less of a suggestion and more a command: go watch 'Annie Hall'.

Scarlet Johannson Romance

Scarlet Johannson convinces equally as an innocent beau or a stone-cold killer, concealing a hard side beneath her girlish looks. Of course you don’t care what role she's playing if you have a massive crush on her like we do.

Woody Allen Movies

Woody Allen's career has spanned more than 50 years, and produced such timeless classics as 'Annie Hall', 'Manhattan', and 'Sleeper'. Check out these and other nuerosis-tinged masterpieces with the great man's complete filmography.

Best Romance Movies 2000s

Enjoy our collection of the best romance movies from the noughties, including harmonious Irish sleeper 'Once', charming French addition 'Amelie', and cheeky British RomCom 'Bridget Jones'.